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Food Prep, Serving in Glide's Dining Rooms, Sharing Lunch With Friends, Survey@Farmers' Market

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rou Rou Puts Her Energy Into Making the TL a Better Place for All People

Today, I had an amazing day. I worked at Glide and went to the farmer's market. GLIDE is a soup kitchen in the Tenderloin. A soup kitchen is a place where homeless people can eat for free. When I was working at GLIDE, I prepared lunch for families. I served people, cleaned off table and made sure that there were enough utensils for everyone. The Farmer's Market was okay. I had a better time at GLIDE. At the Farmers Market, I walked around and asked people if they were willing to take a survey LEAF made.  I had more fun doing this project last year.

~ Rou Rou

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  1. Your commitment to learning and saving the environment are remarkable!


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