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Food Prep, Serving in Glide's Dining Rooms, Sharing Lunch With Friends, Survey@Farmers' Market

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Max Tackles Tough Issues and Craves to be Creative!

LEAF was great today! The work at GLIDE was tiring, but it was worth it for that warm fuzzy feeling that feels like a kitten that just came out of the dryer. It was sad to see the kids come in at the end. One looked like he was my age!

I really liked the farmer's market surveying. My group got both adults and kids, which I thought was cool. Our group only got 8 people, but assuming everybody else got all 9, the total is big! I do feel that, since everybody was at the farmer's market, the results were similar. If we had asked random people around that area, we would have gotten more varied results.

I wished we had gotten to work on the murals. I'm super proud of mine, and can't wait to paint it.

~ Max

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